jay01Jay (jā)  

Definition: A potter crafting and selling pieces that are glossy-glaze, functional pit-fired art. 



Jay has been making pots and selling them for more than 15 years. His work is available mostly at art shows and at a shared studio space. All of his pottery is beautiful, functional, and food safe.

While staying at home with his new baby, he built his own kick wheel and was off and running. Since then, he and the slightly bigger family have moved to a house where he made a home studio out back. He can’t complain about the commute: it’s one minute from house to studio.

In 2009 he opened a shop on Etsy, and sales took off. Since then, he has opened a shop on Amazon in an effort to reach even more pottery customers.

Look around the website and contact Jay with any questions or comments.

art-1565938_1920  unfinished-bowls   three-blue-bowls